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Our center in Fairway, KS is the central hub for learning.

Brain Health Boot Camp

Brain Health Boot Camp (formerly LEAP! Foundations) is the core of our brain health education. This is where you’ll find the fundamentals for brain-healthy living. It’s a six-session series that is PACKED with information and includes the LEAP! Guide to Smart Aging textbook. This is the class that everyone should do at least once. Also, it’s fun. Alzheimer’s is scary, LEAP! classes are not. NOTE: We do not have any Boot Camp classes open for registration right now, but we have some exciting news coming up regarding many more LEAP! opportunities. Stay tuned!

What's included?

Brain Health Topics Covered:

A carrot and an apple to represent nutrition


Three generic people talking to represent social engagement

Social Engagement

A biker to represent physical activity and exercise

Exercise & Physical Activity

Someone sleeping to represent sleep


Someone meditating to represent stress management

Stress Management

A puzzle to represent cognitive engagement

Cognitive Engagement

Brain Health Workshops

These classes cover a variety of brain health topics and dive a little deeper than Brain Health Boot Camp. Each workshop stands alone, so you can choose which topics interest you the most. Depending on the topic, Brain Health Workshops may be primarily activities-based, primarily lecture, or a mixture of both. Our own brain health experts present regularly, but we also bring in knowledgeable guest speakers at times. 

Past workshops:

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