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Lifestyle Empowerment for Alzheimer's Prevention

Our mission is to equip you with practical strategies that boost your brain health and reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is scary, but you’re not powerless to fight it. We’ve scoured the research (and conducted our own) to give you the best, most up-to-date science-based recommendations for brain health. Check out our online programs and our book! Or, watch the video below to learn more.

Boost your Brain Health

Six key lifestyle factors can influence our risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Even small changes can make a difference, so get started with your brain-healthy lifestyle today.

Physical activity and exercise

Stay active and exercise regularly. Aerobic, strength, flexibility, and balance exercises are important.


Nourish your brain with a Mediterranean-style diet, rich in whole foods like veggies, fruits, and extra-virgin olive oil.

Social engagement

Stay connected with family and friends.

Cognitive engagement

Keep your mind active and challenged. Learn new things and practice new skills.

Stress management

Practice relaxation techniques and take care of yourself to minimize the effects of chronic stress on your brain health.


Practice good sleep hygiene to protect your brain.

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Online Course

Brain Health Boot Camp is a nine-module online course that pairs with our book to walk you through each brain healthy lifestyle component, anytime, anywhere.

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Our cutting-edge investigators are pursuing studies in Alzheimer's prevention and treatment. Come help us change the future of Alzheimer's disease by applying for a study today.

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We may be scientists, but our mission is to bring you practical everyday strategies for boosting brain health. Check out our blog for brain wellness tips and tricks.

People Who Took the LEAP!

Our LEAP! participants are why we do what we do. We are passionate about helping you take charge of your brain health.

This program has given me a whole new lease on life! I feel like I have a new purpose.

I have read a number of books and websites about Alzheimer’s so I was concerned that your class might repeat what I had already learned.  I was so pleased to find out that this was not the case.  I learned a great deal from your classes that I had not known. 

After seeing the drop in my blood pressure numbers, my doctor asked me what I have been doing this summer. I told him about the program, and he said, “Well, keep doing it!”

Thanks again for letting me know about the available spot for the LEAP! workshop yesterday.  I enjoyed it very much; it’s one of the best presentations I’ve attended so far at the KU center.  I look forward to more in the future.

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