Brain Health Boot Camp Online

Brain Health Boot Camp is our free, self-paced online course covering the fundamentals of a brain-healthy lifestyle. Each of the nine modules includes a weekly reading assignment, videos, Brainwork assignments, and brain health resources. You can also join weekly group coaching calls for support and Q&A with the LEAP! dietitian. Enrollment is now open. Click here to get started!

  • Module 1 - AD Basics
  • Module 2 - Physical Activity
  • Module 3 - Exercise
  • Module 4 - Nutrition Basics
  • Module 5 - Nutrient Density
  • Module 6 - Healthy Fats
  • Module 7 - Sleep
  • Module 8 - Social & Cognitive
  • Module 9 - Stress Management

Don’t forget to order your copy of the Brainpower Blueprint textbook. This book contains a wealth of information and goes hand-in-hand with the online course. Each chapter was written by our experts and contains recommendations and resources for reducing your Alzheimer’s risk. The book is optional, but we think you’ll love it. Purchase it here.

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