About Us

KU Alzheimer's Disease Research Center

We are the University of Kansas Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. We’re about 75 (and counting) brilliant brain experts with two missions:

1 – Cure Alzheimer’s

2 – Prevent Alzheimer’s

(nothing too ambitious)

Best of the Best

We're one of only 33 Alzheimer's centers that are designated and funded by the NIH. It's pretty competitive, and we're proud to have earned our spot.

Resource for Kansas and Kansas City

We're the only NIH designated Alzheimer's center in Kansas and Kansas City. We provide services like LEAP! to our area and beyond.

Unique Research

We study how lifestyle and energy production affect your brain health. We're known for our exercise research, and we're currently studying the LEAP! program.

Our Fearless Leaders

A mid-40s, white male in a white lab coat in front of a medical building

Jeffrey Burns, MD, MS

Co-director of the ADRC. Director of the Frontiers Clinical and Translational Science Unit. Director of the KU Alzheimer's & Memory Clinic. Edward H. Hashinger Professor of Medicine. He also created LEAP! to make sure you get all the best brain health information he has to offer. Fun fact - his Bachelor's degree was in English and Japanese!

A mid-40s, white male with glasses in a white lab coat in front of a medical building

Russell Swerdlow, MD

Director of the ADRC. Director of the KUMC Neurodegenerative Disorders Program. Gene and Marge Sweeney Professor of Neurology. Professor at the KU School of Medicine. He studies mitochondria (the cell's powerhouse) in a lab, along with many other things. Fun fact - he is nerdy enough to have once considered having his license plate say "mitoman!"

The LEAP! Team

A late 20s white female in front of a red brick wall

Rachel Sandoval, MS, RDN

Registered dietitian nutritionist. LEAP! Program Manager. Food as medicine aficionado. Passionate about all things healthy living. Rachel's favorite part of running the LEAP! program is talking with every LEAP! participant about practical brain-healthy living.

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Rosie Pasqualini

Rosie Pasqualini is the LEAP! Program Assistant. Her background is in psychology and nonprofit outreach, and she is passionate about leveraging technology alongside research to improve health outcomes.

Contact us:

Phone: (913) 588-0555

Email: [email protected]

Check out our other website: kubrainhealth.org.

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